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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ahh... the geeky life

Well, I'll admit, I'm fully immersed in my geeky life. I've been addicted to watching Battlestar Galactica, and have discovered uTorrent as a source for my addiction. So far the third season is turning out to be very interesting... perhaps someday I'll even catch up with the show...
I'm also starting to dream in code, as this programming for GIS course has some projects that take a surprising amount of time and energy... ah BCIT, how to work yourself into an early grave. It is an interesting course though, and Visual Basic is definitely an easier language to learn than Java (which I just barely passed in Uni). I'm almost getting to the point of being able to write useful programs... i.e. basic accounting etc.

So... besides the geeking out, I'm still brewing beer with Luc (neighbour and good friend). We started a coffee beer a few weeks ago and just had our first taste on Friday... damn good if I do say so myself. It really is a great invention, sort of like vodka and red bull, except it tastes better. That combination of caffeine and alcohol is sure to be my downfall.

Rugby is a bit disappointing these days. I've played a grand total of two games this season, as the only other two games I was injured (getting tackled on a gravel field is a bit painful, and I managed to bugger up my shoulder). I'm hoping to play this next Saturday, but the general lack of players and enthusiasm is starting to make me think of switching clubs for next season. I'll probably play touch with the Burnaby club over the summer and we'll see from there... My new co-worker (no, he's not my lackey) plays for Burnaby, and does some coaching etc. so hopefully I'll have enough of an in, to be able to show up and start learning how to play for real.

Yes the wedding plans are progressing... albeit slowly right now, as we're still struggling with invite design etc...


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