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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Yes, I know it's been many months since last I wrote to this thought repository. This is not because I've stopped thinking, but rather due to a focus on work and a general business.
So here I am, at the Fitzgerald's for a great family Christmas. Lots of food and fun to be had.
I must admit, I'm more and more sure that I want to marry Kate every day, I am appreciating her family, in all that it is different from my own, and I think we complement each other well.
I do miss having Christmas with my family, but I definitely want to be with Kate, so every second year work's well.
We had a great dinner at Gene and Chuck's house (Patty's parents), with a monstrous ham, Tortiere, a mango salad, home baked buns, cannelloni, cookies and a yule log (large decadent chocolate creation). Needless to say I was definitely full at the end of the evening.
This morning we were up at about 7:30am and opening presents by about 8:30.
Jo & Aaron - Thanks for the fondue
Patty & Dennis - Thanks for the book and the GPS
Ma and Pa - Thanks for the MEC gift certificate and the book
Nissa - thanks for the lifetime supply of tealights
Ryan - Thanks for the bulb
Matt - Thanks for the wine
Marie - thanks for the wine
Caillie - thanks for the shirt (soon to come)

Then an excellent breakfast with a fried potato/egg/ham dish, a tropical risotto, and some Stolen, followed by some clean up and a good run.

Merry Christmas all, hope you're enjoying as much as I am.


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