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Sunday, March 19, 2006

First real blog here...

I watched V is for Vendetta last night, and was quite impressed. It was a visually stunning thinly veiled political statement with all the elements of a well told story. The characters were appealing and the acting was excellent. I hope to see more like this out of the Wachowski brothers (in this movie they were the screenplay writers and producers).
The look at the use of fear by governments to control the masses was certainly an applicable one in today's world, especially in the US. I think it is movies like this, and other forms of free expression that keep these types of governments in check. This is one of the most interesting and scariest/greatest features of today's westernized governments, the ability to adapt and react. With the control of the media, control of the policing system, and control of more and more aspects of everyday life, we tend to look to the government to control the things that scare us. This is a scary prospect in itself, something which V points out in a appealing story. We'd all like to live in a fuzzy world with no worries and notthing to be afraid of, but the only way we can do that is by taking control of our internal fear, rather than trying to control the external sources of that fear. Sounds like a bit of a preachy senetence, but this is the message that I got from the movie, and something that has infected my personal philosophy in various aspects for awhile now.

Anyway, enough on this topic.


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