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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Another day another dollar....

It's amazing how much work plays into our lives these days. I know I'm revisiting this issue from my Bebo blog... but I still find it a thought provoking issue. The workless party (a local political movement) definitely has some good points, and yet, if work was all that bad why do we really do it? There are many parts of society that don't work, and, while they may only be fully accepted by there sub-sectors of society, it is certainly a valid option. As technology increases in effectiveness and complexity the not working option may become even more real and appealing. Something like 5% or less of the population in the first world western countries is actually involved in growing and harvesting food, the rest of us are mostly doing busy work. That is work that is not really necessary to our survival, but does keep us busy and thinking that we are doing something. Hmmm... seems like we do a lot of running in circles.



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